Our Team

Saeid Hosseininejad

Divisional CEO

Saeid Hosseininejad serves as Divisional CEO at Alp-Top Company in Iran. Saeid’s career spans over 32 years experience in sales, distribution, operation, trade manufacturing and management. Saeid successfully manages Tehran Market as well as other states. Saeid has worked extensively in developing and expanding core brand portfolios across all food distribution channels in Tehran. Saeid extensive sales experience as helped Alp-Top to double the revenue and net worth of the company after depression in 2012 in Iran.
Mr. Hosseininejad holds a Bachelor of Bussiness Managmnet from Shahid Beheshti University at Tehran.

Vahid Hosseininejad

Senior Sales Manager

Vahid Hosseininejad serves as Senior Sales manager at Alp-Top Company in Tehran –Iran. Vahid’s career spans over 30 years experience in sales, distribution, operation, trade manufacturing and investment. Vahid oversees operation and sells services such as distributing food products in Tehran’s market and Bazar. Vahid great sells experience has helped Alp-top to expand our market and add more than 300 wholesalers to the company network just in 2014. He has accelerated revenues through identifying new market opportunity and leveraging consumer insight. Mr. Hosseininejad holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Sooreh University at Tehran

Amir H Nejad

Global Coordinator and Strategy Manager`

A principle-centered U.S business leader from the food industry, real estate and construction industry with international experience. Amir is a professional thinker with solid engineering and business foundations. He develops of business plans and implements the support. In addition, he is well known to lead teams through all phases of business transformation. Amir has been dealing with complex business strategies and was able to determine and clarifies strategies in operations to create optimization models. 
Amir holds a Master degree in Construction technology and management from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Civil and infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University at Washington Metropolitan Area.

Masoud Hosseininejad

Senior Distribution Manager
Masoud H.Nejad joins ALP TOP as a leading consultant in marketing and new business development for both ALP TOP’s national and international markets. With over 5years experience in international product sales, and applying a strong expertise in Distribution channels.  
From2009 through 2012, Masoud was the Director of marketing Researcher for ALP TOP managing a marketing research function with revenues in excess of $500,000. 
Masoud H.nejad holds a Master of business administration (MBA) degree in Marketing & International Business, with a bachelor of since degree in Chemical engineering. He is an active member of the International and national market in ALP TOP.

Abbas Montahai

Divisional CFO

Abbas Montahaei  was sworn in as the Chief Financial Officer in 1999. He is responsible for the financial leadership of well known companies. The Chief Financial Officer has responsibility for upholding strong financial management and accountability while providing timely, accurate, and reliable financial information and enhancing internal control.
  Abbas Montahaei received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the Azad University of Tehran in 1995.


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