Company History

 Alp Top was established in 1941 with the mission of providing people with quality and healthy food. 
1942 Alp Top became a member of the food industry union, Ettehadiye, to become a key player in the distribution and production of food in Iran. 
1943-1979 Alp Top began providing food for the court and ministries before the revolution.
 1979-1985 We continued our business after 1979 by supporting and providing food to ministries, the Army, Artesh, hospitals and many other businesses. 
1985 became a member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce (Otaghe Bazargani), importing food industry machinery as well as Tea and Coffee. 
1992 Alp Top partnered with other great, well-known companies such as Ahmad Tea. 
1999 to current: Alp Top continued its journey by importing Alp Top tea from Sri Lanka and distributing it widely throughout Iran.
 2015 to current: Alp Top partnered with Nestle and are honored to offer their fantastic products in Iran.
 Alp Top is eager to expand its offerings and are looking forward to building a new relationship with other business.


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